Inovista Mobile Software
The Inovista Dashboard Reader provides a completely new concept in presenting SAP Dashboards on mobile devices.

The Dashboard Reader takes the Dashboards model (the '.xlf' files) and converts it on the fly to a native application. This process works equally well on the iPad, and Android as well as AIR apps for PCs and Macs.

Additionally, Inovista provides a full complement of components which allows a designer to create applications with a true mobile look and feel. The components also offer the designer the capability to add genuine mobile functionality. For example, swipe gestures can be defined to pop a new window into view, pinch/zoom gestures can be deployed for specific items in the dashboard, the tablet geographical location can be accessed and placed in the dashboard.

The Dashboard Reader Professional is now free of charge and available at the Apple App Store, version 2.1 as of July 2013.
View a PDF document presenting a more detailed overview of the Dashboard Reader and Mobile Components.

app store pdf dashboard reader
A Genuine Mobile Experienceinovista mobile experience
xcelsius dashboard
Download the software. Go to the download page to obtain a copy of the the components and mobile software. There is a range of products availble to help you create mobile apps, additionally, all of the existing Inovista products have been updated to include mobile capabilities.
Using the Inovista Dashboard Reader
The Dashboard Reader is simply a container for Xcelsius visualizations. The application has been designed so that the user only needs to concentrate on the Xcelsius dashboards that it is presenting. In fact, once a home page has been installed, the user will only really need to tap on the home button at the top right of the app. The slides below display some of the app workflow.

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The user opens the Dashboard Reader on the tablet and downloads a 'Home Page' which is a suite of Xcelsius dashboards (Professional Version) or single '.xlf' file (Standard Version). The user then taps the required item to open it in the main tab.
Dashboard Reader
The 'Home Page' is displayed in the main tab, this is simply an Xcelsius dashboard that can open other dashboards. Tapping an item in the dashboard will open another Xcelsius dashboard.
Xcelsius dashboard
To return to the 'Home Page' from any dashboard that has been opened tap on the 'Home' button at the top right of the Dashboard Reader.
Home Page
Dashboards have the capability to open other dashboards. Equally, spreadsheet data ranges can be copied from one dashboard to another, so for example, a selection from a list be used to select a value in another dashboard as it opens.
spreadsheet data
To change the home page and related dashboards, navigate back to the options pages and select the required home page.
dashboard home page
The new home page and its related dashboards will then become available.
home page

inovista mobile app tools
Xcelsius has a number of limitations when converted to a mobile app; lists, combo boxes and text input do not function correctly; gestures are not supported; the standard mobile type interface is very different to the user experience and there is no way to access core device data like the current Geographical Location.
Inovista Mobile App tools help you to work around these current limitations. Inovista components include the Mobile App suite specifically for mobile devices, additionally existing components have been enhanced for mobile. A very wide range of options are available, including:
Touch Scroll Lists
Touch Scroll Lists that are created in Xcelsius and can be placed in the application or opened by another component such as a button. They attempt to replicate the behavior of native mobile lists. The lists can be skinned with a background image and each list item can also contain a different image.
Online Data Access.
The Dashboard Reader allows data to be accessed via XML, Query as a Web Service and also offers integration with InfoSol's InfoBurst product. InfoBurst provides very rapid data retrieval and even offers the capability of updating online databases from the tablet.
Floating, Draggable, Animated Background Containers (the SVG Background).
This component is a container (now including core Xcelsius components) that can be dragged, moved and bounced around the screen.
Mobile Style Sliders and Progress Bars.
Mobile Style Sliders and Progress Bars.
Text Input Simulator.
This add-on is deployed to simulate objects like a combo box. The standard Xcelsius combo box does not really work in a mobile environment, so by combining the Text Input Simulator with, for example, the Touch Scroll List, a designer can provide a genuine mobile functionality.
The Swipe Manager
The Swipe Manager simulates swipe gestures for both Android and iOS devices. Swipe gestures may be up, down, left or right. One option allows the designer to increment a value in the Xcelsius spreadsheet. This means, for example, as a user continues to swipe to the right a different window can be moved into place; the window corresponding to the value in the spreadsheet.
Scroll Suppression.
The Swipe Manager has an option which allows the designer to remove scroll bars from the parent application. Other Inovista components such as the Tree Grid, Org Chart, and SVG Components also allow the removal of scroll bars.
Long Touch Tooltips.
Inovista components offer powerful custom tooltip options. On mobile devices, it is difficult to present tooltips, so we decided to implement tooltips using a long touch event. Components such as the Microcharts, Data and Tree Grids and SVG Controller all offer the capability of popping up a tooltip after a user has held down a finger on a sensitive part of the visualization for a defined period of time (default is 1/2 a second).
Scalable Components.
All Inovista components are created to be scalable without losing any image quality. This is a particularly useful feature in mobile devices where screen real estate is limited. On Android devices, a pinch/zoom gesture is also available for scaling individual components.
The Ability to Sub-Divide and Chain Applications.
Applications on a mobile device can take a significant amount of time to load, so to help minimize this, Xcelsius dashboards can be broken down into smaller sub-sets. By using a URI Scheme, which can be defined in the Mobile App Builder, applications can be open from each other or called from an on-line or local web page.
Shared Data.
When applications share a user id and use the same certificate, data can be shared between them. This means that in a suite of applications, data available in the spreadsheet of one Xcelsius dashboard can be transferred to another application and vice versa.
Pinch/Zoom Gestures.
Two finger gestures are available and can be used, for example, to update the scale cell in an Xcelsius dashboard, allowing a user to scale maps and charts with a pinch/zoom.
Geo Location.
The current location of the Android device with a GPS capability can be pumped into an Xcelsius spreadsheet at pre-defined intervals, for example, every 500 milliseconds or every 10 minutes.
Splash Screen.
A customized splash screen can be added for each dashboard and shown until the application completes start up.

Mobile Downloads downloads
mobile downloads dashboard reader
View a PDF document presenting a more detailed overview of the Dashboard Reader and Mobile Components. VIew PDF.

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free climate app
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download Download the XLF and image files that are used to create the Nerja Climate app that is available on the Apple App Store.
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Download the Software.

Go to the
 download page to obtain a copy of the the components and mobile software. There is a range of products availble to help you create mobile apps, additionally, all of the existing Inovista products have been updated to include mobile capabilities.